Karena Rossi, Suzuki Marah Ke Vinales…???

MotogpCrash.com – Suzuki MotoGP mengkritik Maverick Vinales karena membantu Valentino Rossi pada MotoGP Mugello pekan lalu. Pembalap Spanyol yang memberikan slip stream kepada calon rekan satu timnya di Yamaha musim depan itu artinya sama saja Vinales yang menghadiahkan pole position kepada Rossi. Kalau tidak Vinales lah yang akan start dari posisi pertama dan bagi Suzuki ini merupakan hasil yang sangat penting bahkan bersejarah. Dari sumber yang dapat dipercaya mengatakan bahwa pada hari tersebut Suzuki menegur Vinales.

Vinales dan Rossi kerjasama sewaktu kualifikasi?

Vinales dan Rossi kerjasama sewaktu kualifikasi?

Secara gamblang, tepat meski tidak terlalu diplomatis manajemen Suzuki mengatakan mereka begitu kecewa dengan kelakuan dan kolaborasi Vinales bersama Rossi. Ada pembicaraan bahwa Vinales melanggar ketentuan kontrak antara dirinya dan Suzuki MotoGP.

Pihak Suzuki kabarnya marah karena mereka menganggap Vinales bekerja sama untuk kepentingan Yamaha, tim yang akan dia bela tahun depan. Mereka mengatakan Vinales seharusnya bersikap professional dan menghormati kontrak dengan Suzuki hingga akhir musim ini.


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  1. I was seriously at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.


  2. merry christmas, annegb! we had 13 people in our tiny 650sf home and as nice as it is to be surrounded by loved ones during the holidays, we breathed a sigh of relief when everyone left!


  3. Thanks Carol!! Yes, there is a second book in the works. Sadly for my husband, there will be more stories about him. So many more adventures have happened, I want to share them with all the people who have been following me. I hope to have it out by the end of this year.


  4. I agree with the comments that the 4:3 videos should still have the player 4:3, the black on the sides isn't appealing. but I imagine that would require the db having the videos aspect ratio recorded, if it's not already.


  5. Please keep throwing these posts up they help tons.


  6. Hi Jan – I mean that for parents who DO sit with their child, being completely “present” means not trying to do anything else while you are there. We’re in an age where multi-tasking is just second nature… checking emails on your phone or jumping up every 5 minutes to check on dinner while your child practices the piano is not being completely present. Children sense your distraction and if they gain your full attention then piano practice becomes something they truly look forward to simply for that one reason!


  7. ♫Congratulations YT!!! YT Rocks, always has always will, and thank you for doing all the hard work you've done to make it for all these years, very much appreciated from my heart! Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2!!!♥ Showin' Love♥


  8. You should give a listen to The Clockwork Cabaret. They do an excellent job giving a soundtrack to steampunk adventures (both real & imagined), they play music, have silly sponsors, and the hosts are a hoot.


  9. Rachel: You are so right about Lego. It’s the ultimate toy. I spent hours playing with the stuff too.I think I’m a purist because I like the classic Lego best too. Who knew plastic blocks could be so much fun?


  10. I can’t hear anything over the sound of how awesome this article is.


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